Know How the Right Tips for Choosing Incense

Incense is indeed a very important thing for some religions to be able to carry out worship comfortably and focus. Usually, for some religions, the absence of incense in each of their worship activities will make them feel something lacking. So, incense is indeed one important thing in worship activities. Visit to get the right incense that suits your needs.


Sometimes we don’t pay much attention to small things when choosing incense. Indeed, what is the small difference between one incense and the other incense? The most important thing for us is that the incense can emit smoke and smell nice. But there are some people who really want to get good quality incense. Of course, with a slightly more expensive price, they get what they are looking for from an incense stick. For them, incense is an infrastructure for connecting with God. Therefore incense must be able to help strengthen concentration in ceremonies or prayers. There are several tips for choosing incense that you should know.

1. Look at the integrity of the incense powder. Many of the powdered incense broke down so that the incense flame ignited unevenly.
2. The incense powder material uses natural ingredients, for example from wood
3. The incense material is free of chemicals. The smoke does not cause sore eyes and does not sting.
4. Flammable or not easily dead and the flame lasts longer. You can also maintain the flame of the incense to last a long time by placing the incense upright.
5. The smoke is heavy and fragrant
6. Each incense has almost the same flash time
7. The aroma is suitable for relaxation and meditation. Comfortable, tasty and not too fragrant. Incense too fragrant will attract attention, so it will even interfere with meditation.
8. For prayers that only require a short amount of time, choose short incense to save more money. As for ceremonies that take a long time can use standard incense.

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