How to write an effective online ad


First, a person sees the title. Next, look at the contents to better convince them that the advertisement is really wanted. Therefore, between titles and contents must be solid. Ideally, the tips for writing ads below are used for PPC (pay per click) ads that consider keywords, such as Adwords. But it also doesn’t hurt if it is used for online advertising in general. In the meantime, you might also need to try the excellent Craigslist Posting Service to improve your site’s traffic.

The tips are as below:

Select keyword. In advertising, enter the word that you suspect is the most sought-after target for your ad For example, what is the product in the form of coffee marketed by Mas Sumartono? Delicious coffee, good coffee, or delicious coffee? Select one.

Create several title designs. Suppose you choose “delicious coffee”, then try making it in several versions of the title. For example “Want Delicious Coffee?”; “Look for Delicious Coffee?”, “This Coffe is Your Joy!” And more.

Specifies the number of users. Still regarding the title, as an alternative, you can create a title that mentions the number of users of the product.

Strengthen in Contents. After the title, you write the contents of your ad. On the contents, you reinforce the message you want to convey. Strengthening it can be by showing the superiority or strength of your product.