These are Some Loss When You Don’t Use Architect Services

Many people want to design a house but without the help of architects. In fact, building a house with the help of an architect will clearly provide many benefits for you. However, many people feel that they do not need the services of the architect. One of the architect services that can actually benefit you is arquitectos en tijuana.

Did you know that there are losses that you will get if you don’t use architect services? Here are some of the disadvantages that you will get when you don’t use architect services in building a house.

– Wasteful of overall costs
Those who do not use the services of architects generally do their own designs by imitating design drawings from magazines or the internet. In addition, most entrust home designs to construction workers or contractor contractors who do not necessarily have the knowledge, education, and experience in designing houses. As a result of improper planning, the construction costs became swollen due to incorrect design of the image, misplaced materials, miscalculation of material prices and various other errors. In addition, often behind the day, there is a big cost of renovation here and there because the first results obtained are far from expectations.

– Structure error
If a structural error occurs, this will endanger the occupants of the house themselves. Improper building structures can cause all or part of the house to collapse or not last long. If an earthquake occurs in which most areas in Indonesia are earthquake lines, it can be fatal. An architect must pay attention to the resilience of the structure in every design of his house so that there is no mistake behind the day

– Not in accordance with the wishes of the owner
This often happens if development is not in accordance with the correct design. Misunderstandings between owners and builders will often occur because there are no design drawings or inappropriate designs. If it turns out that the owner intends like this but the results are built like that then the owner can only surrender or re-dismantle the development results which will definitely require additional costs.

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