Maintaining the psychological health of elderly people

To provide a sense of security and comfort, you can change the interior design of your home or parents’ bedroom. You can simplify the shape of beds, chairs, doors, windows and other furniture that your parents often use or hold. If needed, you can provide tools that help your parents walk, wake up, sit, and so on. The bathroom must be made specifically for the elderly. You can put a handle on the bathroom wall. If facilities are available, your parents will feel safe and the risk will be greatly reduced. In the meantime, take a look at the adaptive skills if you want to know more the better ways of caregiving the elderly.

In addition to decreasing physical function, generally, a decrease in memory and intelligence also occurs. Symptoms include slowing the ability to think, difficulty concentrating and difficulty learning new things. Your parents may often forget the events that have just happened and need help to explore their memory. To maintain the memory of parents, you can ask them to apply various simple exercises such as taking notes on daily activities, practicing brain fitness by filling out crosswords, playing chess, reading or taking special physical training for the elderly. All of these activities aim to practice concentration.

To maintain physical and psychological health, your elderly parents should still carry out various daily activities that they can still do. You can suggest various activities that are preferred to maintain motor and cognitive functions such as watering plants, painting, reading, cooking, playing with grandchildren, and other activities.

You and other family members do not need to serve all needs as long as they can do it so that your parents can still do the activities they like themselves. You must respect, encourage and make them feel valued as parents. They will feel that they are still considered, valued, loved and not just a burden that disturbs others.