Things You Need to Know before Motivating Others

Giving motivation is to rekindle the fire of motivation in a person so that they are back up, have the courage and never give up to do something in a certain way. The ability to provide motivation is a skill that can be learned by anyone, a housewife, students, managers, and of course leaders. In the meantime, visit if you wish to know more about motivational speeches.

Humans are like an iceberg covered by oceans, which sometimes need to be reminded that sometimes they appear to be lacking (pieces of ice on water), but their superiority is invisible because they are still below the surface of the water. One way to show that a large piece of ice is to motivate the person.

Human Needs

Maslow’s theory is a popular theory that describes different hierarchies of human needs. By knowing the level of someone’s needs, motivators form appropriate forms of motivation and focus more on the level of needs of a person.

To be a motivator, it requires continuous creation and not from someone’s birth. Below are the basic things that a motivator deserves to understand:

Motivate yourself

Motivating yourself is essential before we motivate others. We must create an atmosphere and an example that can fuel us to start burning others. Great motivators are people who are respected for their previous success.
In his book Successful Motivation in a week, Harvey provides a week-long lesson on learning self-motivation and others practically. Harvey said that potential motivators have the following characteristics:


Gratitude to the best people who work with us.

Recognizing the importance of self-esteem.

Emotional intelligence

In general, motivation is conveyed through inter-motivator oral communication with others, which requires motivators to have good emotional intelligence because emotional intelligence is the basis for communicating both with oneself and others. Emotional intelligence includes managing emotions of oneself and others.


Empathy is putting yourself as if you were like someone else. It should be realized that in fact motivation only works outside, the true motivation of fire is within each of them. Therefore, by trying to put yourself into someone else, ideas to motivate people will be sharper because we see in the eyes of that person, not with our own glasses.