Want more durable air conditioning? Here’s how to take care of it

One electronic device whose presence is quite close to human life today is AC . Just like other electronic devices, AC also needs maintenance so that its performance remains good in its function as an air conditioner. Then how do you treat a good and correct air conditioner? On the other hand, we’d like you to check out the recommended trane ac repair service as well.

There are several ways you can treat AC, including:

1. The basic thing that must be done to keep the air conditioner durable is by doing maintenance such as cleaning by washing AC regularly. When you want to clean the air conditioner, please note the material or liquid used. Do not use chemicals to wash air conditioners because they can erode the layers on the pipes inside the air conditioner so that the pipes become thinner. To wash air conditioners, know the ideal time to do AC maintenance. For AC living room or family room, do maintenance every 3 months, while for air conditioning bedrooms 4-5 months. Estimated time can vary by building or house, depending on location and level of pollution on the air conditioner. To do this, ask for help from a professional AC technician.

2. When installing or installing an air conditioner, make sure that the professional technician performs the vacuum on the air conditioner. In addition to maintaining the performance of the air conditioner remains good, the vacuum process on the AC unit is intended to eliminate air and moisture in the pipe. Another thing to note is, for the type of air conditioner that uses R32 / 410A refrigerant, it is mandatory to use a pipe with a thickness of 0.7mm.

3. When going to buy air conditioning, the thing that must be considered is the size of the AC PK that matches the area of the room. AC with a large PK, when used in a room that is small or not too large, will make the room feel too cold. Conversely, AC with a small PK used in a large room will make the room feel less cold. So, choose PK that matches the room.

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